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AMIENS, Picardy, France, Europe

Amiens may not be the centre of Europe, but...

  • Amiens – London 2:38 hrs
  • Amiens –Paris 1:05hrs
  • Amiens – Brussels 1:21hrs
  • Amiens – Frankfurt 3:30hrs
  • Amiens – Lyon/Vilnius/Warsaw/Amsterdam/Milan 3:30hrs
  • Roissy Airport – one of the three main air transport hubs in Europe – 1:05 hrs
  • Paris-Beauvais Airport (low-cost flights) - 35 mins.

Hard to beat!


Amiens: A young town which is over 400,000 years old:

Even though 25% of the population of Amiens is under 20 years old, its history can be traced back more than 400,000 years. Archeological remains found in the Saint Acheul neighbourhood of Amiens gave rise to the internationally recognised scientific eponym for the Acheulean period.


Amiens: perfectly rooted in its heritage and ready to go around the World in 80 days while reaching for the moon

The history of AMIENS is enriched by its local traditions and its inhabitants. The trading network of Amiens - thanks to its linen and velvet - spread throughout western Europe. Jules VERNE, who wrote his greatest works in AMIENS (Around the World in 80 Days, From the Earth to the Moon), helped broaden the imagination of his fellow citizens. This was quite understandable as Verne was a highly active town councilor.