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L'Hôtel de Ville

Jules Verne, city councillor

As an Amiens city councillor for 16 years from 1888 to 1904, Jules Verne spent a great deal of time in the City Hall, built in the 18th century and the object of many extensions and modifications. 


In 1888, he asked Frédéric Petit, the outgoing mayor, to include him as a candidate on his electoral list. Following a turbulent campaign, the novelist was elected and became a member of the 4th Commission, overseeing cultural and social matters, such as State Education, Museums, Libraries, Museums, Public Holidays, Street Names and Social Welfare Services. He also took on social responsibilities at the Caisse des Ecoles (Education Office) and the Bureau de Bienfaisance (Charity Office).


In charge of the financial control of the theatre, he was also the Fairs Officer and opened the new municipal circus in 1889.


During his time in office, Jules Verne took a great interest in urbanisation and looked to preserve the city’s aesthetic. He always took great care to clarify issues in order to make decisions in full knowledge of the facts. This involved a huge amount of work, with meetings almost every day, but Jules Verne enjoyed it and undoubtedly found inspiration there for some of his stories. 


A reception room in the City Hall now bears his name.

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