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ancien théâtre

L'ancien théâtre

Jules Verne, playwright

Jules Verne’s literary career started with the theatre. He penned approximately thirty plays between 1848 and 1860, either alone or in collaboration with other writers (such as Dumas fils, Michel Carré and Charles Wallut) Eight of them were performed at the Théâtre Lyrique. Although he began to focus on novels in 1862, he continued to write for the stage. 

Later, working alongside Adolphe D’Ennery, he adapted some of his novels for the stage. Most notable adaptations include Around the World in 80 Days (1874) and Michel Strogoff (1880), which became major shows with special effects.


Following his arrival in Amiens in 1871, he frequently attended the Theatre. From 1883, he was part of a committee of ten “regulars” who decided on the performers’ undertakings. Then, after his election to the city council in 1888, he became far more involved in theatre matters and wrote a dozen annual reports on its operations.


As a councillor, he often attended the theatre with his wife Honorine. He was even able to attend performances of his own plays, such as adaptations of Around the World in 80 Days (1877 and 1880) and Michel Strogoff (1882, 1893 and 1900) and later works, such as Eleven Days of Siege (1880) and A Nephew from America (1888).

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