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Jules Verne’s readers

Jules Verne has not always been recognised as a writer! In his time, the scientific aspects of his novels led some critics to declare that they were not serious literary works. They were then categorised as children’s literature. However, Jules Verne and Hetzel, his publisher, set out to target a wide readership, including both parents and teenagers. Each work took readers on a far-flung adventure, whilst shining a light on the discoveries and major events of the time.


During the 20th century, following the death of Jules Verne and the Hachette takeover of Hetzel, misconceptions about the author and his works set in, as his novels were only available in the “Bibliothèque verte” children’s book collection.


The works of Jules Verne are now considered to be amongst the greatest novels of the 19th century and serious literary works in their own right.


Jules Verne enjoyed walking in the city of Amiens and regularly attended the nearby theatre. He would have really loved this playground, inspired by his novels and installed in 2019.”

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