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The Horticultural Society of Picardie

Jules Verne and the Horticultural Society

Having lived in Amiens since 1871, I wanted to join a number of associations. Among these, the Horticultural Society of Picardie is particularly close to my heart because I have several close friends there, such as Edouard Gand and Auguste Dewailly, and Alphonse Decaix-Matifas, whom I meet regularly at the Municipal Council, of which I have been a member since 1888.

It was in 1889 that I joined the Horticultural Society, although I knew absolutely nothing about botany! Imagine my surprise when Decaix-Matifas, who chairs the association, asked me to make a speech at the general assembly of 22 February 1891. I accepted, while publicly admitting my total incompetence in matters horticultural. This meeting was held at the Town Hall and my speech was entitled “Too many flowers!”

Two years later, I was asked again for the fiftieth formal session of the Horticultural Society, which took place on 25 February 1894 at the Circus (which I inaugurated in 1889). There, I presented, with humour, the concerns of the person asked to chair a meeting: “The reluctant Chairman”.

When a building was constructed on Rue du Boucaque (today Rue Le Nôtre) and inaugurated on 27 March 1898, I was again present, but did not make a speech...

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