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maison Jules Verne

Maison de Jules Verne

Jules Verne’s everyday life

After arriving in Amiens in July 1871, Jules Verne moved into the “turreted house” at 2 Rue Charles-Dubois in October 1882 and remained there until 1900. Other properties could also be referred to as “Jules Verne’s House”, such as what is now N° 44 Boulevard Jules Verne.


At this time, Jules Verne was at the height of his fame and known around the world for his “Extraordinary Journeys”. This house mirrored his great popularity. Here, he threw a masquerade ball and hosted journalists from all over the world. People raved about the extensive collection in his personal library and were amazed at how modest his study was. They took photographs of the grand salon, Jules Verne with his wife Honorine at the gate to the winter garden, the author and his dog in the garden.


The City of Amiens purchased the house in 1980. Residents of Amiens and tourists from all over the world enjoy the privilege of discovering the house as if they were plunging into a book. In the ground-floor rooms, when you hear the original parquet slats creaking, you could be forgiven for starting to think that Jules Verne himself is coming to greet you. 


Welcome to Jules Verne’s house!

maison Jules Verne