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Le Cirque Jules Verne

Jules Verne Circus

As an Amiens city councillor for over a year, Jules Verne had the honour of delivering the inaugural speech for the new circus on 23rd June 1889. To mark the occasion, the Harmonie d’Amiens and other Amiens music ensembles gave a great concert.


Press reports say that the novelist dazzled the 3,000 spectators. Cries of “bravo” and applause frequently interrupted his twenty-minute speech: an imaginary guided tour in, around and above the new circus building. A stirring picture was painted as they passed through the huge portico, went below to the machinery in the annexe basement, and then up to the dome, before diving back down to the boxes, stalls, stage and benches.


It is sometimes said that Jules Verne was behind this project, but that’s not exactly true. The bricks-and-mortar circus building was designed by the architect Emile Ricquier, and built in Amiens under the direction of the mayor, Frédéric Petit, and the local authority. 

Since 1889, this circus has played host not only to circus shows, but also plays, concerts and meetings.