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Le Musée de Picardie

Jules Verne: a regular at the Museum

The Musée de Picardie was very cutting-edge in the 19th century. Built between 1855 and 1867, it was the first building in France specifically designed as a Fine Arts and Archaeology Museum.


Throughout his life in Amiens, Jules Verne took an interest in the Museum. As soon as he moved to the city, he became involved in its social and cultural scene. Long before his election to the city council in 1888, he held roles in local administration. In 1886, for example, he was appointed to the Musée de Picardie Board of Governors. 


In February 1888, Jules Verne attended the inauguration of the Pro Patria Ludus (Patriotic Games) murals by Pierre Puvis de Chavannes. He invited his friend Philippe Gille, literary columnist at Figaro newspaper and author of opera libretti. The photograph which immortalised the inauguration shows Frédéric Petit, the outgoing Republican mayor, and Jules Verne, a listed candidate, standing side by side.


As a city councillor, Jules Verne continued to take an interest in the Museum and its collections. After seeing the paintings hung in a number of various City Hall offices, he suggested that they be displayed in the Museum, where they could be enjoyed by a larger audience.

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